Random stuff

At last, today was the first time I made a successful Clafoutis (french dessert). All the previous times I tried ended up in a disaster because as I later realized, I was using frozen cherries. This time JBQ bought some (fresh but very expensive) cherries, and I retried. It was delicious.

My JBQ has the cold. I am pretty sure that it’s a matter of time before I contract it too. I am not looking forward spending Christmas being sick. I got a roast duck to prepare for Christmas lunch!

Damien Sandras (the Ekiga maintainer) today helped me out configuring the Nokia E61 with Ekiga. He had knowledge of the URL of an open SIP proxy and he trustily shared it with me (no, I am not going to reveal it). His trick worked, so now I have Ekiga up and running on the phone. Works well. Hopefully, a solution will be found soon so all E61 users can use Ekiga…

It’s my name day today. Name days are traditionally more important than birthdays in Greece. I got a massage office chair as a present from my JBQ and I am loving it. My mother and grandmother called me already for best wishes, my brother will be calling later.

Mmm, what else… let’s see… I need to fix 3 teeth. I am not looking forward to going to a dentist… I hate dentists.

Regarding my general health, is as bad as always. The medication my doctor suggested months ago for my stomach didn’t have any effect. Sometimes I feel that our understanding in medicine is still in medieval levels. Modern science is able to fix quite a lot of symptoms, but very rarely actually they find the source.

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