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After reading more sad stories in the news about judges not allowing euthanasia,

I hereby make my wishes known, should I ever get into a coma or vegetated state and the doctors believe that almost certainly I won’t wake up from it, to euthanize me via lethal injection (much preferred over removing the machine support, which is slow and torturing).

Eugenia Loli
21 December 2006

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Moulinneuf wrote on December 22nd, 2006 at 3:19 AM PST:

You need to tell JBQ to transfer you to a state like Oregon or Texas or to take you abroad in a country that allow euthanasia (link).

One thing you should too do if its in tie with your own belief that they should be allowed to harvest your body for parts that can be transplanted in others after your clinically dead , might help save someone else loved ones and give a new better life to someone who suffer from something that a transplantation can help with.

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