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Battle of the species

I somehow ended up today in a web page of a weirdo who cries foul at the US Army for withholding information about extra-terrestrials ‘currently visiting Earth’. He goes on and on about the ‘conspiracy’ and how the people of this planet have the right ‘to know’.

Well, let me ask you something. Let’s say that the US is shelling out all their secrets and aliens decide to live among us, as the beans are already spilled and there is no reason to hide anymore in the dark side of the moon.

How will you, or your mom, feel about a species that evolved in a way where the male eats their young if the female is not careful enough to protect them? (cats do that btw)

How will you, or your significant other, feel about a species that evolved in a way that sex is very casual and normal and they “hit it off” in the streets or in restaurants or wherever? (rabbits are known to do that)

How will you, or your boss, feel about a species that evolved in a way that they must be covered in mud all the time and smell very bad, because they need to protect their skin from their planet’s very hot sun? (pigs do that)

How will you, or your brother/sister, feel about a species that they evolved in a way that being a cannibal is alright? (hyenas do that)

How will you, or your father, feel about a species that they must sacrifice one of their own once a day, as it’s part of their beliefs and religion? (Aztecs did that)

For most of the above examples, it’s mostly about animals, so when you thinking about their actions you just think “well, they are just animals”. But what about an intelligent species with lots of technology that has evolved that way for one reason or another in their home planet? Will you AND your family be able to accept them for what they are?

I bet you won’t. While there will be some open minded people who will understand the importance of inter-galactic tolerance, the 99% of the Earth’s population will throw up in disgust and will reject these species as “immoral”. I mean, jeez, Westerners and Easterners can’t even tolerate each other and their life styles — and they are the same species. Do you think that the current human civilization is ready for another such test? Clearly, no. If humans who can’t tolerate the new species get violent and start “bombing their embassies” this can put Earth as a whole to a very difficult position. It’s a political and a strategic mistake to open up your subjects to situations that they can’t yet handle.

And this is ladies and gentlemen, the reason why the US Army would be doing the right thing keeping the existence of aliens a secret for now — in the event that such a secret actually exists of course (this is not what we debate here).

And then again, there is yet another reason why such a secret is best to remain a secret.

Yippeeee! STUN works!

Nokia released a new firmware for their E61 business handsets yesterday and I went through with the free upgrade. The 3.x firmware finally adds STUN support and it also fixes the 100% table width bug with the Services browser. What a relief! Of course, their IM app still doesn’t connect to Yamigo, neither supports WiFi, so there is still room for improvement.

BTW, to get Gizmo working with the new E61 firmware, use the settings here, but use “Auto” as Transport Type instead of the suggested TCP. Now that I have VoIP working, I might actually give a serious look at using the E61 as my main handset instead of the QTek 9100.