On actors and insecurity

As I was checking some Scifi series on IMDb the other day (that’s how I found about “The Starlost” that I blogged earlier about), I came across “SeaQuest DSV“. An underwater scifi series that I much enjoyed watching every Saturday at 2 PM on Greece’s “Mega Channel” in the mid-90s.

I was looking at the cast and I thought I should check the actor who played the young genius “Lucas” in the series’ high-tech submarine. I was shocked when I read that the actor who portrayed “Lucas”, Jonathan Brandis, suicided in 2003 by hanging himself. I didn’t know about this, somehow I missed this bit of news back then. Some of his friends said that Jonathan got depressed that by late-90s his career was in stand-still and then he got excited when he got a role in a blockbuster movie in 2003, only to have all his scenes cut down when the movie was to be released. He couldn’t stand the pressure of a failed career it seems, and he suicided.

We all have read about actors being very sensitive people in general and also being very insecure about their careers. I can’t imagine myself in such a situation. I don’t like insecurity at all, so I don’t do anything in my life that might trigger it. I don’t like taking risks. I really don’t understand how some people have the balls to move to Los Angeles or New York with just $35 in their pocket, live on the streets, and chase a dream that chances are it will never come. I could never do that, I don’t have the strength to do so. Or, maybe I have the brains to not chase it in the first place. Depends how you see it.

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memson wrote on December 13th, 2006 at 1:41 AM PST:

“Commited suicide” not “suicided”. There is no such word as “suicided”.

mikesum32 wrote on December 13th, 2006 at 1:53 AM PST:

Maybe it’ coming face to face with your own mortality. Maybe he felt washed up, like the best times of his life were when he was 15, and it would be all down hill. Just my theory.

Wil Wheaton had something to say about this.

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Eugenia wrote on December 13th, 2006 at 7:57 AM PST:

Memson, I am not interested in grammar lessons, thanks.

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