Sloppy developers

Tonight I put together a list of the best J2ME apps for cellphones. In my 5-hour research I found a pretty popular scientific calculator. I was thinking of including it in my list, but then I saw that the application itself was 196 KBs. Sounded a bit too big for what it does, so I decided to look inside the .jar file. Basically, its careless programmer has included a… Thumbs.db file inside the jar! Over 110 KBs of phone storage memory are going bye-bye just because this guy is obviously not serious enough about what he does. This was a good indication for me to decide to leave his app out of the listing. I emailed the programmer about it, but his email address does not work anymore.

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JBQ wrote on December 9th, 2006 at 2:01 AM PST:

Item #2 of The Joel Test is Can you make a build in one step? and would most likely have made easier to avoid such an issue. Of course, you’d also have to hit item #7, which reads Do you have a spec?, so that you’d actually have a list of the files that are delivered.

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