Archive for December 9th, 2006

Needed J2ME Apps

There are over a billion users of J2ME today. That’s 5 times more users than Windows ones. And yet, there are not many J2ME no-gaming applications out there. I put a list up yesterday, but here are some apps that are missing:

– A SIP client. There is one right now, but it’s tied to a specific provider.
– A video player for divx/xvid, wmv, mov and h.264. Possibly this does not exist because of hardware limitations.
– A music player for wma, mp3, aac, aac-2, podcasts and ogg. Most phones today have an mp3 player, but usually it sucks. Support for and internet radio stations would be nice too.
– An image resizer with smart size, bilinear resample, bicubic resample and pixel resize algorithm support. Additionally, shapening is required after using bilinear for best results, and ability to save as JPEG. There are times that you snap a picture full size with your cell camera, but you just want to send away, or upload, a smaller version in order to save on GPRS charges or time.
– A good password-keeper app.
– A global good-looking weather app and world clock. Current weather offerings are only region-based.
– A TV listing app. Doing stuff that a mobile web browser can’t do.
– An MPD and maybe TIVO client.
– An eBook, DOC and PDF reader.

While these are kinds of applications easily found on smartphone platforms as native applications, they don’t exist for feature phones that only have J2ME support.

Sloppy developers

Tonight I put together a list of the best J2ME apps for cellphones. In my 5-hour research I found a pretty popular scientific calculator. I was thinking of including it in my list, but then I saw that the application itself was 196 KBs. Sounded a bit too big for what it does, so I decided to look inside the .jar file. Basically, its careless programmer has included a… Thumbs.db file inside the jar! Over 110 KBs of phone storage memory are going bye-bye just because this guy is obviously not serious enough about what he does. This was a good indication for me to decide to leave his app out of the listing. I emailed the programmer about it, but his email address does not work anymore.