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What a beautiful picture…

The people upstairs

From one side, I hate the new people who live directly above us in our apartment building. On the other side, I am trying to tell myself to not be a hater.

But you know, they just don’t let me sleep. I have to wear earplugs sometimes in order to get a full night sleep. Except the fact that the girl who sleeps in the room above our bedroom wakes up many times in the night(!), she wakes up at around 6 AM every morning and starts chatting on the phone on and on and on and on — or she sings. More over, every time she opens and closes drawers or moves her butt in her bed, I have to listen to all these creeeeeeeeek sounds (wooden house, you see) that wake me up instantly.

I can’t take it anymore. I have talked to them once about making less noise, she behaved for a while, and now it’s the same crap again. I don’t know if I will have to talk to management this time, or go talk to her again. We would probably have gotten our own house by now if we had a Green Card, but that’s not going to happen now.

I am looking for a new phone

I own many phones, but I primarily use an HTC-designed smartphone, the QTek 9100 and I want to replace it with a newer device as I don’t really like it (e.g. slow CPU at 200 Mhz brings the device to a crawl when using A2DP, Skype and SIP are unusable, no hardware “lock” button for music listening). As of late, HTC is the No1 Windows Mobile phone manufacturer in the world. That’s all nice and daddy, but they are overdoing it. My problems with their business is 5-fold:

1. Way too many handsets, one as similar as the previous one released yesterday. It’s like a hen on the roll, shelling eggs out twice a day. Confusing, and a waste of resources. They could use these engineers to fix outstanding problems rather than have them on the roll for new devices every so often.

2. They removed the 2.5mm headset jack, and now they use an ultra-proprietary usb-based headset jack. No one sells these, not even HTC themselves. It’s pretty impossible to find and buy either a 3.5mm adapter for these, or even just a new one in case you lost or damaged the one that came with your handset.

3. HTC decided to remove IrDA from all their newest phones. While IrDA is making way for Bluetooth, the thing is that it’s the only protocol that works (slowly, but so well) with other phones (e.g. all cheap Sony Ericsson phones have infrared instead of Bluetooth) and older PDAs. IrDA is not obsolete just yet. It will be, but just not yet.

4. They removed camera flashlights from their cheaper smartphones (when we say “cheaper”, we are still talking about at least $500 a pop). I mean, honestly, when I pay $500+ for a smartphone, I expect some things that every other feature phone that costs over $300 has.

5. They don’t optimize as well their Windows Mobile installation. For example, they don’t turn on AA by default, they don’t change the registry to have AA fonts when in landscape mode, to differentiate between EDGE and GPRS icons in the taskbar, to enable the GPS icon in the Settings panel, while the Java stack that they keep using is an old and obsolete version (does not have Media and Bluetooth hooks to the underlying operating system so for example, you can’t use GPS with the Google Maps Java app).

If Nokia fixes their own share of pet peeves that I have with their devices and software, I might switch to a Symbian S60 device. If not, I will keep looking for the perfect Windows Mobile device — that will probably never come.

No, I am not happy with Motorola’s Linux phones (buggy & no SDK). Palm Treos need to have better/smaller AA fonts, A2DP/AVRCP support and WiFi before I even touch them. Finally, UIQ smartphones suck beyond belief in many levels.