Nokia E90 info leaked out spilled the beans (update: Nokia has taken that link down) about an upcoming Nokia Communicator phone, the E90. Now that platforms S80 and S90 are dead within Nokia, they are using S60 all the way — even in their Communicator line. Basically, the handset has an external QVGA screen and an internal wide-screen of the amazing 800×352 resolution (although I would have preferred the 848×480 HDTV 480p resolution for HD video viewing reasons). It has a QWERTY keyboard internally, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, mini-usb, megapixel camera & VGA video-call camera and a microSD slot (miniSD would have been preferred, as this device is not exactly “small” anyway).

If this device is quad-band, has a 2.5mm headphone jack, EDR Bluetooth with A2DP/AVRCP support and VoIP with STUN in it, it’s a star!

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