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Alla3e o Kolios kai evale ta rouxa alliws

I really don’t understand why Motorola even bothers with these Linux-based phones. Their latest Linux phone (announced yesterday), the ROKR E6 is essentially an A1200 in a different form factor with a slightly bigger battery. Nothing else has been added or even removed from it (GSMArena falsely reports that the A1200 is quadband, but very few such sub-models were released, most A1200s were triband too). So what’s the point? Sure, the software versions of the applications included (Opera, Real Player, Pixel Viewer, VPN client and IM & VoIP in some models for specific countries) are a bit newer, but this could easily be done if the users could re-flash their older EZX-based phones too. Bah, it’s all a marketing game. And the EZX SDK is still not released to the Linux enthusiasts to enable them to write native apps for these phones. Therefore, this phone remains a “feature phone” and not a “smartphone” in my book. Why Motorola still doesn’t learn from its past mistakes? And no EDGE either in the ROKR E6!