Ok, can someone please explain to me the fascination that some people (especially women) have with jewelery and “precious” stones? Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars or Euros for a piece of stone that shines? What’s the point? Except that they look better that common earth stones they have no other usefulness.

Once a year I buy about 50 bucks of fake jewelery from Macys. I don’t despise jewelery per se (it’s nice to have something to wear when going to a party), it’s just that I would never pay for real ones, even if I do have the money for them (Macys’ fake jewelery are good quality anyways). Real jewelery are expensive gimmicks and a huge waste of money in my opinion.

I have seen friends breathing heavily in the sight of a $100,000 diamond stone in a Palo Alto store showroom, while I was literally yawning next to them. What’s the big deal about a shiny object that has no practical usefulness whatsoever?

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