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Violent computer games

Second study on the effects of violent computer games, and this one has also concluded the same thing as the first one: violent computer games can negatively affect a person’s behavior. The geeks who battled this notion in the past few years online on various forums should now shut up, ‘cause they have nothing to back up their claims, while the scientists and the politicians who thought otherwise, do.

Update: A message to the people who replied in my blog post and they just don’t get it and instead they play the devil’s advocate with me just to get on my f*cking nerves: computer games don’t necessarily make you violent, but according to the studies they can make you insensitive to a violent theme in real life. And also, this is not about parents and kids. This is about NEW information (the studies) and what you DO with this new information as an ADULT (or as a kid). As I wrote to Thom’s blog, in the ’50s many people didn’t know that smoking was actually bad. But new studies came through. What you do with this new information is what matters. Not what you knew, or what you want, or what your parents taught you, but what you choose to do from the point on after scientists have concluded and publicized a study that concerns you, the gamer.

Nokia 870 news

Pisses me off when industrial designers put form over function. The new Linux-based Nokia tablet, 870, is bigger in size than the 770. You would think that after 2 years the chipsets would be smaller. But noooo, the designer wanted a huge stand instead of the ones usually PMPs have. And the fact that it still has an RS-MMC slot in addition to the new miniSD slot, it seems to me that this is largely a rehash of the OLD internal design, rather than a new one. It’s the same turkey, in new feathers. And bigger.

Ladies and gentlemen, when the 870 comes out, make sure you buy the 770 for cheap.