So, you want to publish a video online…

Here is a guideline about resolutions you need to offer your online readers in the event you want to make public some of your camcorder video captures (use QuickTime Pro to do the conversions for best results).

Desktop, TV: 848×480 (HD’s version of 480p), h.264 codec, 128 kbps sound
Use 720×480 (DVD’s version of 480p) if your camcorder is not a recent one. If you have an even older camcorder, export to the VGA resolution.

Handhelds: 320×240, simple mpeg-4 codec, 64kbps sound
Use this resolution for the iPod, Zune, PSP, PMPs, QVGA cellphones, or when you want to embed it in a web page. Retain the aspect ratio in the event your video clip is widescreen (e.g. 320×180).

Phones: 176×144, 3GPP (v1) codec.
Use this resolution and codec for less-than-QVGA cellphones, or for cellphones that don’t support mpeg-4/aac (e.g. the cheaper ones).

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