Soon recordings will be a crime

If you visit youtube you will find countless camera-phone video recordings of live performances. These are all illegal according to the copyright law. What looks like over the top, knee-jerk reactions, are actually illegal actions (in US too). I am not sure if I agree with these laws or not (should a photographer allow someone with a digicam to shoot his printed for-sale picture?), but one thing is for certain: we are living in complicated times. It is really not easy to abide to all these laws that govern a modern society. And it’s bound to become more complicated as time goes. I wouldn’t be surprised if a school teaching gets introduced in 50 years from now to educate children as to what is illegal and what is not (about various topics).

I can’t help thinking that if a guy from ancient Greece or Rome was to be transported in our times, he would not stop laughing about some of our modern laws. “That’s so irrelevant, dude…”, I can hear him in my mind saying. How did we manage to be so touchy and snobbish? Our laws reflect these facts so much…

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Eugenia wrote on November 14th, 2006 at 8:01 AM PST:

Memson, as I said in my blog, it is already illegal in US to record live performances. The fact that I just happened to link the australian article does not change that.

memson wrote on November 14th, 2006 at 11:13 AM PST:

Copyright law varies from country to country. This is talking about Australian copyright law. Whether or not such things are illegal in the US is irrelevant – the article is still only talking about the situation in Australia.

A live performance is a potential money spinner (look at what Pearl Jam does/did.. selling an entire tour’s recordings.)

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