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When my father or mother would come back from work when I was a kid, seldomly I expected them to bring me either a chocolate, or a pita-gyros. I want to… exploit this with my JBQ too, but here’s the kicker: the US market has nothing I want. I can’t find a chocolate that I really like here in USA (e.g. Lacta or Kinder) and I can’t find real Greek pita-gyros either (not in the Bay Area at least). Pisses me off. I can’t be the spoiled kid that I want to be. I have to settle for Safeway donuts instead.

Hi, I am a PC

Am I the only one who finds the PC guy (aka John Hodgman) sexy? I was never after the good-looking guys (even if my JBQ actually *is* good-looking — he was after me you see ;-) ). Instead, I was always after the “intelligent” type of men. And Justin “Mac” Long just doesn’t strike me as one.

Looking back at my life, since I finished college, all my boyfriends have been either software engineers or (*cough*) video game designers. I haven’t had a single relationship with a non-computer person since 1994. I was lucky that at least 2 of these guys were actually really good-looking, but it wasn’t a… requirement.

Here’s another example, from the movie “The Flight of the Phoenix“. Where 99% of the women would usually have the hots for the star of the movie, Dennis Quaid, I have the hots for Giovanni Ribisi, who plays an intelligent but also extremely spooky guy…

Soon recordings will be a crime

If you visit youtube you will find countless camera-phone video recordings of live performances. These are all illegal according to the copyright law. What looks like over the top, knee-jerk reactions, are actually illegal actions (in US too). I am not sure if I agree with these laws or not (should a photographer allow someone with a digicam to shoot his printed for-sale picture?), but one thing is for certain: we are living in complicated times. It is really not easy to abide to all these laws that govern a modern society. And it’s bound to become more complicated as time goes. I wouldn’t be surprised if a school teaching gets introduced in 50 years from now to educate children as to what is illegal and what is not (about various topics).

I can’t help thinking that if a guy from ancient Greece or Rome was to be transported in our times, he would not stop laughing about some of our modern laws. “That’s so irrelevant, dude…”, I can hear him in my mind saying. How did we manage to be so touchy and snobbish? Our laws reflect these facts so much…