Archive for November 10th, 2006

The cheap music video clip

You probably remember my post last month about creating affordable video-clips for indie artists. Apparently, Rob Dickinson (former singer of the “The Catherine Wheel” group and cousin of Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden) has shot a video for his (very nice) song “Oceans” using a camera-phone. The music video was shot on the Nokia N93, a 3.2MP camera-phone with VGA/30fps capture and Carl Zeiss optics. Listen to the song here (click for it in the myspace player).

UPDATE: Rob has just placed his video on Yahoo!’s Music web site for free viewing. Check it here! You will need IE to watch the video I am afraid because their custom media player uses ActiveX, or you can feed VLC with this Network URL. Nice video!

The need for a Space law

Who owns and regulates space and why are space laws necessary? Listen to this podcast. Seriously.