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R.I.P. Toshiba e800

In the beginning of the year I reviewed the Toshiba e800, one of the most well-designed PDAs ever released. I only turned it ON 4-5 times since then. It was always on power (otherwise the third party programs would get deleted from the RAM), but I was not really using it. Tonight, I wanted to install the IBM J2ME 6.1 stack on it to try out a few Java apps, and the device wouldn’t turn on. No matter what I would try, the device would stay a brick. It’s a shame really, as it is was a beautiful piece of machine and supported VGA (screen comparison). I didn’t give it enough love though, as between my Pocket PC cellphone, my powerful Dell x50v and my handy iPaq there wasn’t enough space/time for it… I find it really disappointing though that the device died so fast. Believe it or not, this is the first major piece of equipment that ever dies on me. I think once I had a floppy drive that died, but other than that, all my hardware proved solid.

UPDATE: And all of the sudden, the device is back up. It seems that for some reason the outlet in my office would not provide any power (there are over 15 devices that get power in that room), while when I plugged it on my living room the device came back to life. When the power outlet died in my office, the main battery kicked in, and when it was depleted then the secondary battery had to be enabled, and so it’s now dead and non-replaceable. The secondary battery only takes over when the main battery fails or gets depleted. It is similar to the batteries found on most watches and provides about 15 minutes of battery time. The main battery of the PDA is alive and well. I need to find a way to open the PDA now with a screwdriver and replace the secondary battery.