A preview for The West Exit’s new album

The West Exit is one of my most favorite groups in the indie scene. While the indie scene in USA is mostly about alternative rock, The West Exit is a breath of fresh air with their jazz-y electro pop. If this doesn’t help you define their music style in your mind, think of the UK scene in the late ’80s: Swing Out Sister, Everything But the Girl, Curiosity Killed the Cat, Jamiroquai and Simply Red. Mash up all these together and add a pinch of modern electro-sound and you got something that resembles The West Exit sound.

Kevin, the vocalist of The West Exit, was very kind to give me exclusive preview access to their new and upcoming album, “Modern Interiors”. The album has 10 songs in it and it will most probably be distributed by Magnatune, just like their first album was.

The West Exit’s sound continues to have sweet, catchy melodies that don’t get in the way. For example, I find it a bit distructing programming and listening to most music, but The West Exit provide such easy-listening and at the same time high-quality music and vocals that blend with your mood. The lyrics are very well constructed too. My favorite songs in the album are “Where ever you are”, “The long count”, “The wrong way” and “Thirty Years”.

Some might ask “what it would take for the group to hit it big?”. I believe that the group already has the right stuff regarding technique, sound and quality. What’s missing is a big-time producer to remaster some of the songs to sound “more commercial”. For example, while I am no musician, I can think of some ways that the “Where ever you are” song could be remixed/constructed to sound more catchy and more commercial. But then again, this probably is not the artistic goal of the group.

I hope they consider make a music video clip for 2-3 of their songs (and then uploading it to YouTube and MySpace). As I wrote a few days ago, these days is pretty cheap shooting a clip. Check Magnatune or their site regularly to find out when this new album is getting released. In the meantime, listen to their first album to get to know the group.

Rating: 7.5/10

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