Archive for October 29th, 2006


This guy is describing how his blog got “destroyed” by Digg because it had about 10,000 hits in a few hours. I don’t get this. We used to run OSNews (version 2) on a dual Celeron 466 Mhz (we now run on Xeons) and when we were getting Slashdotted back in the day, the server would work fine for up to 45,000 pages per hour served! It worked fine. Today, Adam’s rewrite of OSNews (version 3) continues to work fine when Digged or Slashdotted.

In my opinion, it’s not only the fact that these guys haven’t edited Apache’s and mySQL’s conf files to optimize them, but the client software they are running are unnecessarily bloated and slow. Including this very blog that I “lease” off Blogsome (WordPress). This was one of the reasons why I had decided back then to write OSNews v2 from scratch rather than use phpNuke or similar CMSes of that day. While I am not nearly as good as Adam optimizing stuff, it still proved way faster than popular off-the-shelf solutions because we focused on simplicity rather than feature-bloat.