I am not looking forward for Vista. Apparently it requires lots of RAM and it has a gazillion of different versions that confuse me. I think MS will lose market share with Vista (mostly to OSX), and that would be all their fault, not Apple’s.

Regarding South Park’s parodies, I always enjoyed them. But this week’s Irwin parody was simply out of place. Not because of any respect reasons (I was never a huge Irwin fan), but because it was cheap and not funny. If at least was funny, I would say “oh, well, ok”, but it just wasn’t funny or had any particular purpose.

I am swamped with review items. Over 10 items I want to review in the next 2 weeks for TuxTops (only one will be published on OSNews). Two of these items are terrible. They are going to receive 3/10 or so.

Why Madonna gets so much hate from the media and the local groups for her adoption of a Malawi kid? I don’t get it. I mean, what’s the big deal about it? And why the local groups don’t want westerners to adopt these African children? Is it better to have them dead sooner or later from malaria? What the hell?

Both “Lost” and “Heroes” rock the world! Best shows on TV currently. For some reason I can’t watch normal social dramas. Yuck. Give me spaceship battles!

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Laplace wrote on September 19th, 2006 at 7:38 AM PST:

There is a saying in German: “Kleine Sünden bestraft der liebe Gott sofort” – “Small sins punishes the good god immediately” ;-) I wish you a good recovery.

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