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OSNews on a TV

After OSNews on a wrist-watch’s 1.5″ screen, here’s OSNews rendering on a 55″ HDTV. I received today this gadget which has a microbrowser in it. It is similar to Apple’s upcoming iTV, but I really like its browser functionality. Review soon.

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Practicality and Usability more important than Open Source

Dave Neary is blogging and saying that Mozilla must focus on software freedom most and foremost and not on usability or practicality. He specifically says that “if we only concentrate on the surface, then Microsoft will win – they will add more functionality, make IE more usable, build a better browser the way they did in 1997 and 1998“.

Well, let them do it! If MS manages to create a better browser, let them retake that 95% of the market. What’s your problem with this from the moment you acknowledge that their product could become better if they try to make it so? Is your goal as a software developer to create better products that solve people’s problems or to jerk off endlessly and without real purpose?

David says that he is not a Free Software zealot, but he is clearly one. And it’s exactly that attitude that keeps Linux on that 2% of worldwide market share on desktops for YEARS now (if it wasn’t for Ubuntu we might have even seen a decline). The vast majority of users don’t give a shit about “Software Freedom”. They care about functionality. Because as I said in the past, this is the reason we created computers in the first place: to make them work for us. That’s why people bought a computer too. And now the FSF and its zealots wants to overwrite this need and make it somehow a philosophical issue where there is none.

This is a lot like saying that Microsoft is selling a car which is fast, durable and uses less gas and then the FSF says that they give away an ugly (but fast) donkey that’s more secure to ride and more “close to nature”. Sure, it’s a give away, but who the hell cares about donkeys anyways?

Adam has already blogged about the Firefox/FSF issue here and here.

The most hideous gadget ever

BusLink iBot 512 MB MP3 Video Player with Speaker. The ugliest gadget ever created.