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Jay Leno rules

I have written in the past that I much prefer Jay Leno to Letterman. Jay is really funny. Today I found some youtube videos of Jay’s appearances on Letterman’s show in the 1984-86 era. He stole the show, literally! You see, Leno was hired in early ’90s to do “The Tonight Show” and this is where their long friendship started to crack, because eventually Leno won the viewership in the 11:30 PM timeslot with over 5 million viewers per night over Letterman’s 4 millions (broadcasting at the same time on different channels).

I loved how Leno commented in 1985 about some news of that time regarding censorship of violence on TV and movies. He very rightfully said that the most violent form shown on TV is cartoons. I find myself in full agreement. “Why is it so funny to stick a dynamite under a dog’s tail and see its eyes come out while exploding?”

You should also watch Leno’s “Headlines” (samples: 1, 2). These are my favorite part of Leno’s show, featured every Monday. Two particular headlines come to mind: “Comdom found in a bag of nuts” and “Woman called police to report that two men were cutting down her marijuana plants“.

Palm is the carrier’s whore

Palm Treo phones are actually nice smartphones. People love them, they are cute and they are usable. People also keep asking for WiFi support though and Palm continues to NOT giving people what they want. The reason? The carriers. In order for Palm to continue have their phones featured at big-4 US carriers they must abide to their requirements. The carriers don’t like WiFi, they don’t like VoIP and for some strange reason they don’t want A2DP either (Palm keeps removing it from their Windows Mobile smartphones on Sprint’s request).

It would have cost Palm very little to update their driver for their seperately-sold WiFi SD card and not only make users happy but also boost the sales of this Palm SD Wifi card. But noooo… what if big-bad Cingular and Sprint gets angry with Palm? We can’t afford that, now can we?

The new Treo 680 will be sold in Europe and in US as a locked and as an unlocked phone. But because Palm won’t update the driver for carrier’s sake, no customer of this phone will be able to have WiFi (and there are no third party Wifi SD cards that work with these Palms either).

Save the Palm WiFi Card

Nokia had to do the same thing a few months ago. They re-released the Nokia E61 as E62 here in US, but with no VoIP and no WiFi in it. Just because otherwise Cingular would not agree to carry the phone.

It’s tragic how the 4 big carriers in USA are keeping new technologies and trends away from the American people. In a time where Japan has all the cool toys and Europe is not far off, US is still in the middle ages (especially the CDMA phones). The cell market is so controlled by the carriers that’s just not even funny anymore (e.g. sending MMS with some unlocked phones the Cingular servers will resize your MMS down to 4 KBs). But it’s also the American consumer’s fault too. They keep falling for that “free cheapo-phone with a contract” crap and so they give more reasons to the carriers to control their cellular life. Personally, I do not own any locked phone and I never will.