Bluetooth-watch Sony Ericsson MBW-100

“The MBW-100 allows users to control calls and music from their Sony Ericsson/Fossil watch. When a call comes in, the name or number appears on the OLED screen and SMS message alerts also show up.”

Yes. Because it’s WAY too much work to take the bloody cellphone out of your pocket.

It’s kinda depressing seeing the western world creating such expensive toys for the rich to buy, while other parts of the world live in poverty and hunger. I can tell you right now that even if I was as rich as Gates is I would never let myself buy or use such useless crap. They would just make me feel guilty. Even now, that I am not really rich, I do feel guilty about some of the useless hardware I have shoved in my closet. But at least I didn’t buy these (they were sent to me), so I find comfort in this thought.

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ksmc wrote on October 11th, 2006 at 8:10 AM PST:

Don’t the people who send you these things ask for them back?

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on October 11th, 2006 at 8:35 AM PST:

If the price of the review item is high they ask them back, yes. If not, they let me keep them (usually for items that cost less than $250). For some other reviewing items, I do pay a percentage out of my pocket.

The most expensive thing I ever reviewed was an SGI workstation in 2002 that cost $18,000. I was allowed to keep it for a month or so.

These days I do less reviewing than I used to. Usually just 1-2 reviews per month. I am trying to cut back on it.

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