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More on indie music

My JBQ is getting closer in getting an 80 GB iPod and so we took the time to swipe the internet for good (and legal) alternative rock mp3 downloads over the weekend. After he ripped his 400 CDs, I downloaded about 3 GBs worth of alt.rock from several official web sites and labels’ sites (that I had to unearth manually, following link after link) and JBQ downloaded a few more gazillion songs out of Magnatune’s catalog.

Having spent all this time to find good rock music it made it clear to me even more how disorganized the whole indie scene is. While there are sites that try to offer downloads of many songs (e.g. Better Propaganda, CCHits, CCMixer, InSound etc), there is not a single centralized source that it’s well-documented, well-designed and well-known. Basically, what I am looking for is a blend of the old and iTunes, but only for indie/CC music (no major labels please). There are many indie bands on iTunes these days, but there still other (great) bands that they don’t have strong labels behind them and so they have no representation on iTunes.

This lack of a “centralized point of authority” regarding CC and Indie music has strucked me before, as you might remember. It’s just that it’s even more obvious now to me after chasing free mp3s around for hours.

The only site that does come close to what I want to see is the BetterPropaganda site. It has the right idea and its design is nice. Problem is, it does not have any of the 10 artists I mention in my previous blog post (an indication of how much good music is missing from the site) and most importantly, BetterPropaganda does not serve more than ~13,000 pages daily (according to For comparison’s sake Gnomefiles serves about 22,000 pages daily (on average) and OSNews about 250,000. BetterPropaganda is just not as popular as it should have been. I hope that a company like Google could see the potential and amazing music that’s out there and do something about it (something like buying BetterPropaganda and making it a defacto for CC/indie music, store+free_download_samples). Or at least, a blend between BetterPropaganda and CDBaby’s long list of artists.