Archive for October 8th, 2006

Good Indie Music

I just discovered this indie label, called Friendly Fire Recordings. They only have 3 rock groups signed, but they are really good, especially Asobi Seksu which are the big stars of the label. They all have their music on iTunes but the label and the groups give away some of their songs as freely downloaded mp3s.

Download some Asobi Seksu songs from their official site. Best song is “Thursday” (hit single, they even managed to have a video clips done) and can be downloaded from here.

Download two Faunts song from their site and two from the label’s Faunts page. “Memories of places we’ve been” is their best I think.

Download many songs from the Swedish David & the Citizens’ web site and some more on the label’s page. I think “Big Chill” is their best.

Update: The Dark Romantics and The Coral Sea are very good too.

Update 2: These 5 alternative rock groups are very good too. To listen to more of their songs you can make a search on google to find their respective myspace pages.

Update 3: Band of Horses is now one of my favorites. Their song “funeral” is very well done.