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The Queen, Helen Mirren and the Masons

You probably heard of the upcoming movie “The Queen“, starring Helen Mirren portraying the Queen Elizabeth II. Apparently she does a great job and some say that she might get an Oscar.

One thing that it’s a bit uncomfortable though is the fact that the director did not hide Mirren’s Masonic-like tattoo on her left hand while filming and so some people who don’t know that the actual actress has the tattoo and not the Queen, might think that the Queen belongs to a Masonic Lodge. Of course, the Queen might do belong to one (although they don’t like accepting women too often), but the point is that this can lead to misconceptions because the Queen doesn’t have such a tattoo on her hand in reality. If this was any other tattoo I would say “whatever”, but having specifically a Masonic symbol on your hand while portraying the Queen might be seen as ‘messy’ by some. I wonder how the director or the producers missed that.

Mirren has said that she had this tattoo done while she was drunk many years ago.