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I hate Nokia’s marketing

Nokia announced today two high-end cellphones, one more high-end than the other, but really, both really high-end. They also announced two S40 music phones. But Nokia on purpose only puts A2DP support on their very high-end phones. From all their recent Symbian phones, only the N9x series have A2DP and only 1 model of their S40 phones have it too. Each time they include it, they advertise it as a selling feature.

Why is that? It’s a 20KB library for God’s sake. It’s a compilation flag! Why not include it on ALL their phones? There is plenty of storage available to fit a 20KB library.

But noooo…. Nokia wants to offer a gazillion of models each year and they need some differentation between them so people don’t shout at them that they re-released the same phone under a different name and plate just like Sony Ericsson does. And so they removing software features that it would be so easy to include in the first place (and they don’t even have to pay license fees to these). I mean, why isn’t the N80 have A2DP/AVRCP anyway? It’s a multimedia phone but I guess it’s not as different as the N9x-series otherwise… Lame.

At least Samsung is putting A2DP on ALL their phones since they had finished the writing of the driver last year. It’s part of their OS and each time they release a new phone, this is included. They don’t remove software stuff “just because”. And all Sony Ericsson’s new mid-to-high-end phones also include A2DP since January too. The last mid-range phone that did not include it was the W810i (it had passed certification by carriers before they finished the driver so they couldn’t add stuff afterwards).

I find more lame the fact that Nokia removes small libraries and then resells them as “super special features” for some phones rather than not including a 3.5mm standard audio jack on all phones. At least in the audio jack issue there is some legacy involved and many accessories built upon these proprietary ports. But a 20 KB software library?


I do look like a dork… I even forgot to take my glasses off.