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Weird Al == Genius

Holly crap! I can totally identify with some of the stuff Weird Al is singing about…

Update: Sorry guys, RIAA had the video removed from YouTube just minutes after it was originally linked by Gizmodo. The video was Weird Al Yancovic’s “Too white and nerdy”.

Religions are so OUT

Fanatic muslims make such a big bruhaha over Pope’s statements these days. Who the hell cares what the Pope says or what did he really meant? In fact, their reaction only empowers these 14th Century quotes that Pope spoke of in the first place. The muslim spiritual leaders should have sent a letter to Pope to express any dissatisfaction about his speech and then try and contain their faithful to just stay put. That’s what true religious leaders should do, not to have them in the frontline and push their faithful to ridiculous accusations and even more reactionary actions. Right now, I blame these muslim spiritual leaders for not containing violence rather than the Pope who started it all.

You know, that’s why I don’t give a f*ck about any religion. Religion (any religion as an institution) is sickness. It creates fanatism, divides and blinds people in order the “institution” around them gets richer and more powerful.

No religion can give me a real, rational, understandable answer to these questions: what is soul? What is God and what is He made of? What is a spirit and what is spirituality? Why isn’t God talking to us more often if He is all powerful?

There are no real answers to these questions. Instead, most religions have Dogmas that you have to accept without hesitation or second thought, and under some religions that practice mysticism you might get yourself in trance and then tell you “you just experienced God”. My ass.

As a human being of the 21st Century, I do not accept Dogmas. Everything must have a scientific (or at least, rational) explanation. If not, then it’s just superstition in my book and a way to lock-in “customers” (see: faithful).

How do I know that there is no God? Easy. If there was a God(s), ALL humans on the planet would worship the SAME God(s). From the moment we have forks on the same religion or completely different religions, it is obvious that nothing like an all-powerful entity exists and that it’s all politics and made-up by humans. Christians say that God gave “freedom” to humans to believe whatever they want, but that’s just bullsh*t. If there was clear-cut evidence that there is a God, there would not be any religion forks, from fear alone.

For me, “religion” should just be a guidance to a righteous way of life. No Gods, no angels, no demons, no dogmas. Just a guidance on how to become better people and help others and help our society evolve and grow the right way. And that’s the only reason why I still classify myself as an agnostic and not as an atheist. I believe that humans “need” a kind of religion (it’s part of our… ROM to believe in something). Just make this “something” a behavior code rather than supernatural crap. If you ask me “how do you feel about Jesus Christ” I would reply that “I love him”. But I love him just because he gives me moral guidance in my life and his teachings made sense (well, most of it), not because I accept him as the Son of God, or as a Prophet or anything like that.

I do not make fun of people who see ghosts, angels or demons though. While in most cases there is a better explanation than the one they give, I don’t rule out the (scientific) possibility that lifeforms from another dimension might be able to get through to ours sometimes. The String Theory has shown us that there are 11 dimensions and there is no reason why one (or more) of them might contain other kinds of lifeforms and some of them might be “good” and some might be “violent”. But I definitely won’t explain these experiences via 2,000+ year old superstitions. They are cheesy, at best.

And I do not make fun of people who say that they have experienced a miracle. When the human brain truly believes in something, it can become so fixated that can heal wounds, or heal others or even not feel pain under torture. This is the only thing that I envy from the faithful people: their ability through “faith” to overcome natural laws. But again, I don’t give any supernatural explanation to these happenings, science will eventually crack those too. The last few years scientists have made good progress on proving that telepathy is possible, for example. The human brain has lots of scientific surprises for us still.

Refer to this previous post of mine on more about how I choose to satisfy the part of my… firmware that needs to believe in something.