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For my JBQ

This blog post is dedicated to the most brilliant, intelligent, wonderful, and yes, even most good-looking husband in the world: my JBQ. Our anniversary is just a week away, but I can’t wait to thank him for all these wonderful years:

Thank you, and I love you!

The Depeche Mode in Madonna

Wow, I had never realized how similar to the Depeche Mode music style Madonna’s last song on her latest album is, titled ‘Like it or not‘ (lyrics). Just substitute Madonna’s voice with David Gahan’s and you got a real Depeche Mode song right there…

Update: I hope Madonna makes it into space. She is in such a great physical condition… I was always so jealous of her muscles (I don’t particularly like overly-feminine bodies and I wish I could get rid of my huge breasts — only my JBQ likes those).