Archive for September 12th, 2006

At last, Gapless Playback

The long-rumored touchscreen/Bluetooth widescreen iPod did not arrive, but Gapless Playback did. And that’s enough to get my hubby happy and at last purchase one. He was always saying that listening to “The Dark Side of the Moon” with gaps was not how the artist was intented it to be listened and so he snobbed the iPod for the last few years. Not anymore, I guess… Let’s see how long it will take him to rip his 350 CDs that he has purchased over the years.

The new iTV thingie seems nice, although as Thom pointed out, not having a standard HiFi size might be a problem for some living rooms. Maybe an XServe-looking iTV thin box would have been much cooler, a perfect way to show off to your (geek) friends.