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USB 1.1 vs USB 2.0 on gadgets

It negatively surprises me when I read supposedly clueful tech bloggers reporting on a new cellphone and saying that: “But USB 1.1 only? That’s like selling us a Cadillac without automatic windows“. Hey, your bottleneck is not the USB 1.1, but the phone’s flash memory (especially the internal flash). Except of some very high-end (and expensive) CompactFlash, SD and MemoryStickProDuo cards, most other card formats and cheap card brands are much slower than USB 1.1. So what are you blubbing about? You heard somewhere that USB 2.0 is faster than USB 1.1 and you keep copying that without ->thinking<- a bit?

Celebrating Star Trek’s 40th Anniversary

We drove north to Sacramento today and we celebrated along many fans the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek, with Leonard Nimoy & William Shatner driving the show. Each actor had a monologue — I loved how sharp Nimoy is and how full of joy Shatner is at their 75+ years of age. The two actors later got together on stage (it was great to see how good friends they have been all these years) with Shatner toasting some champagne saying “here’s to another 40 years…“.

Nimoy and Shatner today

Later I found myself next to Nimoy for a picture together. His ‘Mr. Spock’ character has influenced me over the years, especially in my early life. Today was a good day.

Update: More pictures from the event here. Sorry for the bad quality, we should have used a tripod…

NYTimes: Clueless about mobile web design

It really bothers me when a major web site goes live with their new mobile effort, and it proves to be much worse than the previous one. Check NYTimes’ new mobile web site here. It uses CSS for layout and it has fixed width. By looking this design it is so darn obvious to me that the guy who coded this has no freaking clue about the real mobile browser world and he has tested this site only with a Motorola RAZR phone at 176×220 resolution. Effectively, his web site works well only with about 20% of the world’s mobile browser market and it looks like a stupid long strip on a QVGA phone (and only on these phones that support CSS). It seems that these web devs think that if it looks good on a desktop browser and on a RAZR it’s enough. Well, it isn’t.

The site sucks on higher resolution cellphones, like on the N80

The site does not work at all on Motorola’s older cellphones, like the iTunes/E398 phones

On the other side, we have Digg’s new official mobile site, DiggRiver, which is way more compatible by using standard tags for layout. I sent Digg some feedback on how to fix 1-2 more things, but overall, Digg’s effort is way better than NYTimes’ in terms of mobile browser compatibility.