Regarding digital photo frames

I just published a review of a digital photo frame at TuxTops. You know, in the beginning I thought that they don’t really serve any real purpose and that they are just gimmicks. But after actually using one (even with all its problems as mentioned in the review), I now find them pretty cool and useful. My JBQ actually liked it very much, because he is now able to show off some of his best pictures to his friends without having to print them, put them into a photo album and pass it around to all guests one by one and re-explain over and over how he took a specific picture.

Sure, you can hook up a digicam to a TV, but it’s really not as a good solution in terms of respect to your guests. You see, an 8″ photoframe is a neutral multimedia device that can be hanged on the wall and the guests can decide if he/she wants to have a look at it or not. But if we turn ON our big-a$$ 55″ Sharp HDTV in our small living room, the guests will have no other option but to pay attention on the TV. And this is terrible hospitality. This is the main reason why a digital photo frame is a great home device (and Christmas gift), especially if you have some good photographs to share.

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