The art in Crop Circles

I love looking at crop circles. Some of them are recognizable man-made creations, but some others are not so recognizable. All of them are looking fabulous though. I wonder if they can be formally recognized as a work of art! And maybe rent large crop fields and do a “Crop Circle Festival” with competitions among teams for their creations! And have the crowd sitting on the top of a hill, pic-nicking, some even camping overnight, having fun, and watching the art being created before their eyes!

I think that someone with the right drive, crop land, ideas to keep the people busy and motivation can start such a yearly weekend-festival, and have immense success too. This could start a brand new trend, a new kind of back-to-nature entertainment! Currently, some crop land owners simply charge some visitors to go visit their crop circles, but that’s a far cry from an official, organized Festival.

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Lúcio wrote on August 4th, 2006 at 5:30 AM PST:

Check this. He shows how that cropcircle was made.

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