Star Trek XI and more

So, the rumor has it that Matt Damon will portray James T. Kirk in the upcoming Star Trek XI movie. I think that Damon can do a good job, but I believe that he is too old to portray a 20 year-old (the new movie is a prequel of the original series, set in the Starfleet Academy days). I don’t think that there is anyone that can successfully emulate Spock though. Leonard Nimoy has unique facial, vocal and structural points that can’t be easily acted upon.

There is a good chance that I will be going to Sacramento in a month, to celebrate Star Trek’s 40th anniversary. This would be Leonard Nimoy’s last public appearance on conventions, so that would be my last chance to see him up close (and thank him for Spock and his effect in my early life).

BTW, there is a huge chance that I will be reporting from WWDC this Monday and from LinuxWorld the week after. I’ve been to both WWDC and LinuxWorld twice so far, it was great. The entertainment value of the show Steve Jobs is bringing each time is incredible. At LinuxWorld is more personal though, as I get to meet the people that I usually email (or shout at) throughout the year.

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