Archive for July 27th, 2006

Hard resetting the PocketPC phone

This afternoon I got really pissed off about my QTek 9100, which is my main phone for the last 3 months. Out of the blue its RAPI policies got screwed up and basically I lost all permissions on the phone. I couldn’t load third party apps, install an app, send/receive via BT or even activesync. Eventually, I had to hard reset and completely lose all my data (and all my contacts) as there is no Backup application anymore on Windows Mobile 5 (I don’t understand why they removed that). At the beginning, I thought I was alone with this, but then I found that many people have had the same problem. The problem seems to occur almost randomly (or it has something to do with the USB cable connected when the phone is booting). Now, I have to spend a day putting back all that data one by one…

In the meantime, the Sony Ericsson M600i arrived. It’s a good phone, except that I didn’t expect that it wouldn’t support EDGE (it has 3G support, but that’s only for Europe). The review of the M600i, running UIQ 3.0 and Symbian 9.1, will be published next week (update: I actually already wrote it and published it.).