Diet Recipe: Diet man’s Sauerkraut

The original Sauerkraut contains lots of fatty meats and it’s ideal as a winter dish high in the mountains, but when on a low-calorie diet you have to make compromises and find substitutes. Here is a version with only 200 calories in it.

Ingredients (for 1)
* Half of a beef or chicken low-fat sausage (35 cals, found packaged at “Whole Foods” store)
* 30gr of “Farmer John” fat-free smoked ham (25 cals, found at Safeway US)
* 1/6th of “Hormel” 3-piece smoked pork (40 cals, found at Safeway US)
* 85gr of a peeled small potato (80 cals)
* 100gr of Safeway’s Sauerkraut in a can (20 cals)

1. Cut the sausage in 3 parts. Cut the ham in 4 parts. Remove any remaning fat from the smoked pork and cut it in 2.
2. In a pan full of water, boil the potato. Approximately two minutes before it’s ready add all other ingredients. Cook for an extra 2 minutes, then drain everything and serve immediately, hot.

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