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I hope they die, painfully and slowly

Under normal circumstances I am against the death penalty. But when I read things like these (mother and boyfriend slowly killing a 4 year old), I wish the Greek legal system allowed for the most severe of the punishments. This is a case where life in prison without parole is just not enough.

Speaking for myself, I feel sorry even for the wild vegetation in my patio that I have to remove. I am not capable of violence, except maybe if a higher goal is to be served (e.g. in defense while saving others). But for these two monsters, I can’t feel any remorse. I hope they die in prison, soon enough but slowly.

I got a classic iMac

Thom bought a 333 Mhz classic iMac G3 a few months ago and wrote about it on OSNews. I always loved the looks of the classic iMacs and so I got a second-hand one too: a purple 400 Mhz iMac DV with 320 MBs of RAM. I received it a few hours ago. It originally came in with 64MBs of RAM, the latest firmware 4.1.9f1 and Mac OS 9.2. I updated Mac OS to 9.2.2 and installed an extra 256 MBs of SDRAM before the machine was ready to get Mac OS X 10.4 in its 10 GB drive, plus 350 MBs of software updates. A few drawbacks:

iMac 400 Mhz

– The ethernet jack is broken. I have to literally push the cable inwards to get an internet connection. I have to find either an Airport card or maybe OSX might recognize my USB-to-Ethernet RTL-8139 stick. I need to search in my office to find that stick though.
– Part of the graphics card’s memory is a bit fried. There is a white vertical line following the mouse cursor and anything that uses overlays looks b0rked.
– Of course, I had to disable Dashboard in order to get memory consumption down. After a clean reboot, OSX now uses 165 MBs of RAM. Which is not bad at all, considering. Fedora and SuSE require as much too but they perform slower than OSX 10.4 does on a 400 Mhz machine. Don’t forget that the G3 is as slow as a Celeron at the same clock speed (and maybe even slower). Apple has optimized their OS quite a bit since the early OSX days, even its DVD Player doesn’t drop frames while most PC-based DVD players do on a Celeron 400 Mhz.

Other than the ethernet problem, I love this little machine. I will be writing an article about it soon. Update: Article is up.

I got hit…

Last night I had one of these weird dreams I get once a month or so. So I was at some place and I see that well-known (and handsome) open source hacker passing by (you know who you are…). I tell him “we gotta talk“. The next thing I know, his wife is approaching furiously and she’s hitting me in the face, screaming “leave my husband alone, bitch“. I reply: “hey, I just wanted to do an interview“. “Yeah, right“, she says.

Now you have proof that open source can be dangerous… ;)

Before you put any ideas on your heads, no, I have never met that guy in real life. I’ve actually came as close as 5 meters from him in 2002’s LinuxWorld, but I didn’t know who he was back then.