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Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman Phone

So, my new phone is here (it arrived from Hong Kong in less than a day!) and the review will be going live next week.

I was astonished to see the stupidity of the Sony Ericsson’s hardware division though. While their software division seems to have their head screwed on (the UI is remarkable), the hardware division guys needs a kick in their nuts. Why? Read on.

About a year ago Netfront 3.3 was pushed as the new default browser in all new Sony Ericsson phones. The old native SE browser in version 4.2 had made quite a few strides and it was rendering pages pretty well (sans most CSS and JS of course). But carriers now require CSS and JS, and so either Opera or Netfront were the only alternatives at the time that could deliver these technologies (Obigo’s and Openwave’s versions were not as fully-featured at the time).

Basically, SE did the right business decision to move to either Opera or Netfront. Anyways, they chose Netfront (remember that Sony has a good relationship with Here’s the problem though: the old native SE browser was a small, lite browser. It didn’t do much and so it wasn’t memory hungry. Netfront can do 100 more cool things, but it requires more MEMORY to do them. But the geniuses at SE’s hardware division did NOT give Netfront enough memory when they designed their new phones. Instead, they were STUPIDLY thought that “if the old browser could run in 1 MB of RAM, so should Netfront”. MY A$$, a$$holes! STUPID hardware people who don’t understand software. God damn it. I hope you are f*cking reading this!

As a result, even OSNews’ mobile front page, does not always fit in the memory of the new SE consumer phones! Netfront chokes at around 29 KB of overall data (code+pictures+text)! Think that if you try to load CNN or Slashdot or Digg, your browser will choke long before even starting rendering any useful text! You will be lucky if you get the logo rendered too.

Such a pity. Cause it’s a beautiful phone, great software, being raped by the hardware f*ckers who don’t want to spend an extra $2 per phone to add some memory and make the web experience acceptable.

I hope that who ever took that decision, OR overlooked Netfront’s needs GETS FIRED ON THE SPOT. Seriously.