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William Fichtner on “Prison Break”

My favorite actor, William Fichtner, usually cherry picks his roles. However, I don’t think that he is very happy that 1/3 (12 overall) of his most major roles are all about “law enforcement” characters. From a cop to an agent, and then a sheriff (and once, even a judge). Bill will be playing an agent on the upcoming season of “Prison Break“. I don’t like prison dramas at all (despite the good reputation this show has), but I guess I will have to start watching now… Of course, this new role spells the doom for any potential resurrection of “Invasion“.

Update: I guess I indeed need to start watching “Prison Break” as another of my favorite actors is also part of the cast: Peter Stormare. How can one forget him in the “Armageddon” movie, playing the weirdo Russian cosmonaut Lev Andropov?

Lev Andropov: Excuse me, but I think I know how to fix this.
Watts: Move it! You don’t know the components!
Lev Andropov: [annoyed] Components! American components, Russian components, ALL MADE IN TAIWAN!