Archive for June 13th, 2006

A few mixed things

* I added two new pictures on my Zoto. Please let me know if you would like a Zoto account so I can refer you (I receive an additional 100 MBs of space per referal). They offer 2 GBs of space as a starter and their support staff has being great so far to me.

* According to Alexa, Digg is now more popular than Slashdot.
* OSNews is a bit down lately, it needs more original articles.
* OSNews’ mobile stats haven’t really change in two years…
* …500 unique mobile visitors & 2,500 pageviews daily represent about 1% of the overall stats.

* I lost 9.5 lbs in two weeks — my diet is working so far.
* I experience withdrawl syndrome for some foods, e.g. bread.

* “The 4400″ sci-fi show fills up its IMDb discussion front page in 3 hours time.
* “Lost” did it in 20 minutes.
* “Invasion” needed 3 days to do the same.
* ABC did the right business decision to cancel the show — much to the dismay of its fans.

* Palm needs to get their shit straight and offer these features on their upcoming PalmOS phones:
– WiFi (easy to add)
– Skype and SIP VoIP (difficult to add)
– AA and smaller/better browser/UI fonts (so-so easy to add)
– GSM/UMTS versions (easy)
– Video calling VGA camera (difficult)
– 2MP camera with flashlight (easy)
– Removal of the external antenna (easy — already done)
– A2DP/AVRCP/Printing BT support (so-so)

* Keanu Reeves did not seem very intelligent on Jay Leno’s show last night.
* Hugh Jackman is the sexiest entertainer around.
* Do you hear that Mr McConaughey?

* I am thinking of going to Apple’s WWDC. Haven’t decided yet.
* Same goes for LinuxWorld, also in August.

* My brother in Greece bought some goldfish.
* They are bound to be dead by the end of the week…