Archive for June 12th, 2006

I started writing my book

I started writing my “mobile-web techniques” book today. I am still on… “Introduction” of course, but I get a good feeling on where I want to go with it. Only wish I have was that english was my mother language. I left my homeland 10 years ago, and I am mostly thinking and dreaming in english these days (I can’t speak or write very fluently in Greek anymore — same goes for my French husband and his french language). But dreaming in english is not enough to make me truly comfortable with a foreign language, despite using it daily and having written over 500 original articles so far (for benews, osnews, tuxtops). Writing this booklet will be an adventure and a challenge…

On the positive side, I am in talks with a popular publisher that has expressed interest. We will see how it goes… ;-)