Mugshot Part 2

Hehe… I watched Havoc’s video from Red Hat Summit’s keynote (you-you sexy animal) where he failed to explain what the hell Mugshot really is. If Mugshot has to be “experienced” before “understood”, then it’s already dead in the water. Also, after two long blog posts from Havoc this past week where he again failed to truly explain what CheapShot does in simple terms –oops, I meant Mugshot–, Dave Camp asks him to “describe mugshot using just three verbs”. I guess the right description would be something like this: “screw around” “get bugged by popups” “uninstall”

Sorry guys, I just can’t appreciate this application. Maybe I would if I was 16. I indeed feel bad to critisize the app so harshly, but I gotta write what I truly think about it. To me, Mugshot to Red Hat is what BoB was to Microsoft.

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