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Back on a diet

After a month of dieting last October, I got back all the weight I lost back then, plus some more (because I stopped being careful of what I was eating). So, I am back to a low-calorie diet, for a week now. I’ve lost 2.5 kgs so far. After the first 15 days that I am supposed to lose fast (because you mostly lose water rather than fat in the beginning), I will be losing about 3 kgs a month. My target is about 105 lbs (around 50 kgs).

There is a lot of different diets and pills out there, but that’s just so the dieticians can get money. The best way to lose weight is to reduce your calorie intake and exercise. I am on a 700-750 calorie diet per day (exactly half of what I am supposed to intake for my age/height). And the good thing is that I am never hungry, because there are so many good low-cal foods available on super markets here in US that I can create full meals without getting starved. My stomach is always full, almost like I am not on a diet.

People in Greece would never be so lucky though. Most of the cuisin there is really fat because of the amount of olive oil used on foods. Additionally, there are very few truly low-calorie foods over there on super-markets (I don’t think you can find a 60 calorie yoghourt, a chocolate desert for 60 calories or slices of yellow cheese for 25 cals, as you can here in USA). Some here in USA are not in better fate either though, not because there aren’t many low-cal/low-fat products to buy, but because most of the women over here have no clue how to cook…

My day usually goes something like this:
100 cal breakfast at around 9 AM (e.g. 40 cal bread slice, fat free spread cheese, 14 cal turkey breast slice and some lettuce, some low-cal fruit juice)
200 cal lunch meal at around 12:30 PM (e.g. burger, linguine with shrimp, chow mein etc)
A 100 cal food at around 4 PM (e.g. half of a ready-made soup, or some yogourt and a slice of bread)
A 200 cal dinner food at around 7:30 PM
100 cals: dessert + salad or fruits at around 10 PM

The whole trick is to learn to count the calories precisely. Then you can create foods with enough quantity (which happen to also be pretty healthy because you are forced to eat more vegetables) so you are never hungry during such a strict diet. I have only to give up on lamb, non-tenderloin pork and some beans. Anything else, eaten in careful amounts, is perfectly suitable for a low-cal/low-fat diet if you know what to buy and how to cook.

A word to those who say that when you use a very low calorie diet you get all the weight back fast: this is true. But it’s true for most diets anyway. From the moment the body knows that it has stored 10kgs of fat for example, no matter if you actually lose that extra weight, the body will store fat at each chance it gets from that point on. It’s like your liver “remembers” of a time that it had lots of stored energy and it wants it back, so it will store whatever it can at any chance it gets. From the moment you got overweight, there is no way back. If you manage to lose that extra weight, then it’s a battle against your liver’s behavior until the day you die. You will have to be careful of what you eat until your last breath. The trick is to never get fat in your life. If you do, then you are at war against your own body.

The only person that I have seen to never get back his weight is my ex-fiance’s grand father. He was a medal-honored SS and after the Americans got hold of Germany he was sent to a camp. For 3 years has survived eating just sugar. Many perished at these camps (just like others before them perished on SS’s own camps). But he had a picture of before the war and he was a pretty strong-built man. After the camp, and until today (I think he is about 85+ years old now) he never added a gram. Extremely thin!