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The best TV series this decade

My favorite TV show ever are the seasons 3-6 of “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. What a classic. I always talk about “seasons” and not TV shows in their entirety though because quality can really differ from year to year. Just like with TNG, seasons 1 and 2 were unwatchable while the last season 7 the overall quality became a major issue… Speaking about this decade, here are my best TV show seasons (no sitcoms included), along with my rating:

1. Lost, season 1: 9/10
2. 24, season 2: 8.5/10 (it would finish first if it wasn’t for the lame Kim Bauer subplot)
3. Lost, season 2: 8/10
4. Firefly, season 1: 8/10
5. The 4400, season 1: 7.5/10
6. 24, season 4: 7.5/10
7. Invasion, season 1: 7/10
8. 24, season 5: 7/10
9. The 4400, season 2: 6.5/10
10. House MD, seasons 1&2: 6.5/10

As you can see, in the 6 years of this decade, I truly enjoyed 6 shows only (I mostly watch History, Discovery, Science, National Geographic and the Military channels instead of normal TV). I am pretty difficult to please as I require some compelling mystery & plot and (preferably sci-fi) action. Although, sorry David, I just don’t get the new version of ‘Battlestar Galactica’, while the Stargate family of series were shot too cheaply for my taste with a confusing background plot. And don’t let me start about the terrible “Star Trek: Enterprise”. ;-)

I don’t believe in OLPC

Check the picture of the $100 OLPC here. Notice how the Gnome preferences menu does not provide arrows up and down to scroll within that long menu list that obviously doesn’t fit on screen. It seems that OLPC does not run a standard resolution, but a modified near-VGA one and Gnome does not fit in it, as you can see from the pic. Red Hat works on this project for over a year now, and they still haven’t fixed something as vital as having all their windows fitting on the targetted resolution? I am appalled. Like I usually am with most Linux-related stuff. Apple or Microsoft would never show off with pride a piece of software that doesn’t even pass smoke testing no matter if it’s beta quality or not.