Good Looks and String Theory

What a good looking guy. I saw him on Science Channel last night on a documentary about Einstein. When I first saw him on TV I thought: “what the hell, do they put teenagers now talking about Quantum Mechanics?”. A quick search on him online though revealed that Dr Brian Cox is a physicist at the University of Manchester and he is working at CERN currently, at the ATLAS project which tries –among other things– to prove the String Theory. However, he did look to me no much older than mid-twenties or so. So, I decided to email him and… ask for his age (and I provided mine too, just so I am a bit more fair in my abrupt request).

Brian was very kind to reply to my email and tell me his real age (which I won’t reveal, as I didn’t get permission to do so). Well, after having his answer, I can only say the following, in my conspiracy theory mode: CERN has already found the Equation of Everything, they control space and time and that’s why Brian doesn’t have to look a day older than 25 or so. Either that, or all Brians are bound to look younger than they actually are, just like Bryan Singer does too. đŸ˜‰

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