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Eurovision winner won fairly

So, some guys from Finland dressed like demons and playing hard rock won the Eurovision contest. Russians said that they should have been the winners. I personally disagree. The Finnish won fair and square. They had a better song and they pushed buttons with their appearance. Being eccentric sells and certainly voters were craving for that. Eurovision all these years resembled the boring lalala songs like the ones performed in American Idol. BORING. And Lordi changed that. Good for them!

However, my personal favorite song from the contest was the Romanian one. A very nice dance pop song, which was not only much better than the boy-band-boring Russian song, but also its singer could sing some very high notes. Update: I was right, even if I know very little about technicalities in music. Apparently, his bio on Eurovision explicity states that “Mihai Traistariu’s voice can reach five octaves and one third.” That’s more than what most tenors can do.

As for the Greek song, it was a so-so song, and it could have been in the top-5 instead of the No9 it finished, if Anna Vissi had a better english accent. For crying out loud Anna, if you want to sing in english, LEARN to not sound so horrible with this strong Greek/Cypriot accent of yours, where all the “R”s are so RRRRRrrrrr. Yuk!