Invasion fans fight back

As I wrote the other day, Invasion got cancelled. But its fans now are fighting back and they have a petition online. I personally don’t believe in petitions. They just don’t work. The software industry has shown us that much. But I signed it anyway and even forwarded the URL to my ABC PR contact.

There are a lot of things discussed for Invasion’s future, but the only future will be its DVD Season-1 release and nothing else. The CW network found the series too expensive to run so they didn’t adopt it, while SciFi is even… poorer and can’t handle its over-$1 million per episode cost. Some suggested a SciFi mini-series tele-movie, like the ones SciFi prepares for each December. I don’t expect SciFi to do that though as they prefer original series. As for a VCR/DVD-only movie, that can be done with $3-5 millions, but I doubt Ficthner would agree to star in such a project. So, it’s the end in my opinion.

Anyways, the Series Finale last night was intriguing and well done (only some of the CGI were still under par). It left us with a major cliffhanger and some questions about the aliens(?) unanswered, but other parts of the story were given a conclusion, so I guess not all things are bad.

Invasion’s cancellation happened because of a couple of reasons:
– ABC didn’t promote it enough. When there would be 20 “Lost” commercials in a day, there would be 2 for Invasion.
– ABC ordered two hiatuses just when the story was getting interesting, losing lots of the viewership.
– The first 6-8 episodes were boring as hell and not much was happening. ABC asked Invasion’s writers to speed it up, and they did. But when Invasion became interesting, half of the initial viewership had already decided to not watch it again. And the few that came back to watch it again were very confused because Invasion has a pretty complex storyline and if you don’t watch all episodes, it becomes confusing.
– Invasion is a family drama with sci-fi underpinnings. Problem with this mixed genre is, people who only watch dramas find Invasion “weird”, and people who like sci-fi (like myself), were left with zero explanation about what these sea creatures were and where they came from. The show didn’t explain anything about them.

Nevertheless, Invasion averaged about 9.5 million viewers, which is a lot. But JBQ suggested that probably the cancellation happened not because of the number of viewers being low-ish but the fact that the series was not profitable. Warner Bros was maintaining an artificial lake at their studios just for shooting Invasion, for example.

And all this, while “Veronica Mars”, which doesn’t score more than 2 million viewers on average, got the props for a third season. “Lost” did too. And while “Lost” Season 1 was excellent (sure, much better than Invasion IMHO), Season 2 is sleepy as hell. Nothing happened in the last two episodes for example. Nothing. They might as well shows us the characters taking a piss too, as the show looks like it’s becoming real-time. And speaking about “Lost”, there is a lot of talk in Hollywood right now about J.J. Abrams becoming a virtual boss at ABC. The company is so desperate to not lose him that they resurrected “Alias” as a favor to him just so he can give a conclusion to the series, and they even added a new mystery series next year, also produced by Abrams.

Finally, because all three new sci-fi shows of the last season got cancelled (Invasion, Surface, Threshold), there are NO science-fiction TV shows currently on the main networks (neither they are any scheduled for next year). Some see this as the “death of the science fiction genre on networked/syndicated TV”. Which is sad, of course.

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memson wrote on May 19th, 2006 at 8:07 AM PST:

Are you insane!!! Lost is totally gripping!! I’m in the UK and I waste 2+ hours a week downloading the latest episode because we only just started to show it in the UK. Invasion was just pants.

As for “nothing happening”? WTF? Are you watching the same TV I am? More happened in the last 3 episodes of Lost than happened in the first 8 episodes of Invasion! You obviously don’t GET Lost. Lost is subtle. Lost has class. Invasion is a knock off. A mixture of “the Invaders”, V, and Invasion of the Body snatchers. Way too derrivative.

Don’t you think that Lost has explained loads of things left hanging from the last series recently? Like Lock walking. Walt saying “They pretending to be someone else” and that the others were “no who they looked like.” What about the whole Michael plot line? What about Echo and Lock and the new hatch? What about Charley and Claire getting back together? What’s up with Dave? Why did Libby end up with Hurley? Why did so many characters meet Jack’s father? Come on, there’s 2 or 3 more this season. It’s going to be wicked!!

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on May 19th, 2006 at 8:14 AM PST:

I am sorry, but I did not like the last TWO episodes. Yes, Eko and Locke found the new hatch, but it actually didn’t reveal much of anything of what’s going on with Dharma. As for the Michael plotline, AFTER he shot Anna Lucia and Libby, for two more TV hours, nothing happened. They barely had time to burry them, while they should have been on their way to the Others by now. In my opinion, that moved too slowly.

As for the romances and how they evolve, I don’t care about them. I just care about the Dharma stuff. I am a person who likes to get to the point, if I was one of these “normal women” out there I would be watching soap operas.

The way I see it, in the whole second season of Lost, only two important things happened for the main storyline’s progression: 1. the tailees returned 2. they captured one of the Others. Nothing else happened or explained. And for 24 episodes, that’s too little to satisfy my curiosity.

memson wrote on May 21st, 2006 at 3:32 AM PST:

They have explained much more of the back story.

They have created far more mystery. What about the clothes and make-up that kate found in the infirmary hatch?

I think that the pace has been slow in places, but it has not hurt the overall lore they are creating.

What they’ve done is make the character’s less one dimentional.

Aren’t you wondering about Walt’s powers? He is obviously important to the reason that the survivousprs are even still hanging in there.

Invasion failed on all counts. I just don’t care about yet another re hash of the classic body snatchers scenario. It’s been done already.

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on May 21st, 2006 at 5:50 AM PST:

>They have created far more mystery

Yes. And much fewer ANSWERS.

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on May 22nd, 2006 at 1:31 AM PST:

>But, the whole point is that you are kept guessing.

No, that’s not the whole point. There is a fine line where you should start giving some answers, otherwise your show becomes a piece of guesswork shit.

>You’ve been watchibng US TV for too long.

Since 2001. Before that, I was in UK. And UK has the worst programming of all the 5 countries I lived in.

memson wrote on May 22nd, 2006 at 12:58 PM PST:

But, the whole point is that you are kept guessing. What is the point of watching a show that makes things blatantly obvious?? You get to use your brain; your imagination. Shock horror!! A US show that forces people to think!!

Have you ever seen the file “the Ring”? Seems like your typical US horror, but as with Lost you have more unanswered questions at the end than you do with your average pap.

You’ve been watchibng US TV for too long. You need to watch more European TV!! US TV is 80% shite, and generally treats the viewer as a simpleton.

Damien wrote on June 13th, 2006 at 11:01 AM PST:

Have you tried Supernatural? My wife and I have a soft spot for it, and it got renewed.

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