Judge shot dead in Turkish court

“A gunman has killed a prominent judge and wounded four others in Turkey’s highest administrative court in an attack he said was in retaliation for a recent ruling against a teacher who wore an Islamic-style headscarf, officials said.”

As I have written in the past, if a particular dress code does not get in the way of carrying out a specific act or profession (e.g. biology lab, gym classes) or it is not indicent, then people should be free to wear whatever they want.

In the specific case of the teacher who wore the headscarf: if the headscarf was just that, and it was NOT covering the face from view, then that teacher should have been free to wear it in a normal teaching class. I am against a full scarf around the head and face for the specific profession of a teacher, simply because kids NEED the connection with the eyes and face. It is PART of the job of being a teacher to have some connection with the kids, especially little children.

I think Turkey tries too hard sometimes to become “modern” (so they can get into EU) that they overrun some of their citizens’ wishes. I don’t like scarfs and stuff –I despise some cultures where women don’t have full rights and have to cover themselves–, but the point of the matter is, the whole transformation should happen with proper education and not laws that remove civil liberties. The current law, instead of making Turkey truly a modern country in the eyes of the EU, it is forcing modernism into a country that it is not ready for it (especially the eastern part of Turkey where most fundamentalists live). And this force of modernism has consequences as the shooting reported above.

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