A mix of sad things

Just our luck…
Four days in Reno, Nevada. We came back just a few hours ago. Because my JBQ is a gold player in two of the casinos there, we get many promotion offers: free hotel rooms, free dinners, free everything. And this time, we got cheap too: most of the things were already paid for us. And as we were leaving Reno today, a rock flew away under a truck’s wheels in front of us, hit our Ford Focus and cracked our windshield. That’s $350 that we will have to pay to fix it, right there.

I am getting a bit better after 4 days of a nasty viral cold. Only my right ear still hurts (and can’t hear well through it) because my sinus is congested. The bad thing is, now that I am getting better, my JBQ just got ill with the same kind of cold. Now I will have to babysit him for a week, just like he did for me in Reno. To be honest, I kinda like it as he will be my baby (”oooh, evil Eugenia”) ;)

‘Invasion’ got cancelled
Unfortunately, Invasion got cancelled by ABC. There is no huge prospect for CW or SciFi Channels to pick up the show. What really makes me sad though, is not so much the show getting canceled, but Nathan losing his job. You see, a month ago he was offered by the producers a starring role on the show if it was going to be picked up (so far he was billed as a recurring guest star only). This is a lot like getting a promotion starting the new financial season, and a month later the company going bankrupt. It really sucks.

Motorola pissing me off
God damn it. Motorola really is pissing me off. They made such a big hoopla hoopla about their new “open source” web site about their Linux phones and even Slashdot wrongfully reported that you can now develop native graphical apps. Well, you can’t. The EZX SDK is *not* included in their released tarballs! It’s just the Linux kernel a bunch of drivers that they released! You still can’t create apps for these phones! I emailed a bunch of Motorola’s “in the know” engineers and even THEY have no clue what the hell they are talking about. One of them replied to me that “you can download the Trolltech Qt toolkit to write apps”, which is of course only 50% of the solution. The GUI platform that is built on top of Qt, the EZX, is not available. And without it, you can’t develop shit.

‘Da Vinci’ protesters are f*cking idiots
So, these losers that call themselves “Christians” are pissed off about the movie. Why? I don’t really understand it. If you don’t like the movie or you find it offensive, don’t pay to watch it. Doing protests and asking to block the movie is stupid, anti-democratic, anti-freedom and makes them look like idiots. EVEN IF Christ was indeed married and had children, GOOD FOR HIM. He was half-human, half-God (as they claim) and being human is all about having a family. Having a family is a BLESS, and I don’t see why He wouldn’t want to be blessed with one. I spoke about family and sex in the past here.

Talked too soon
Apparently I talked too soon regarding how great my Mac works with my Pocket PC phone via EDGE. It doesn’t. After you connect once, then you have to reboot the PocketPC, or it won’t re-connect. It seems that the Mac, or the modem script, or the PocketPC itself, is killing its PPP server after a disconnection.

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