People are stupid

Update: My JBQ commented on this too.

Most people ARE stupid. Some of them deserve to die out of stupidity (I wish stupidity was a fatal disease). If that was the case, then Darwinism would be so great as all new babies would be born out of intelligent parents… :P

I write all this depressing stuff as a reaction to this. Some idiots think that $600 for a full-featured Playstation 3 is too expensive. Is it really?

Honestly, I think that it’s a bargain. You don’t have to go far to find an equivelant PC machine and compare it: the Mac Mini. The Mini’s CPU is slower than the Cell processors, it has a less powerful graphics card, it has no card readers, it has no wireless controllers (see: keyboard in this case), it has no HDMI and a gazillion of I/O, and it doesn’t have a (very expensive for now) Blu-ray drive (it has a combo drive). Only in the hard drive and memory size department the two machines are equal. Everywhere else, the PS3 is blowing the Mac Mini out of the water.

And all this not even considering the HUGE R&D costs Sony (and Microsoft and Nintendo) had to go through to create these machines and CPUs from scratch and in the case of MS and Sony to bring backwards compatibility support (which is very difficult to achieve)! All Apple had to do is create a prettier PC clone and offer an x86 OSX version that still won’t run many PPC apps (and some they run slowly via Rosetta — MS/Sony’s backwards compatibility emulation is at exactly 100% the original speed as it’s imperative the games don’t run faster or slower)!

Despite all that, people are still crying like babies that the PS3 is “expensive” because they think:
1. It’s a consumer device therefore it should be cheap (well, wrong, this is a cutting edge device, it’s not a PSP or a Wii)
2. The XBox360 is cheaper (wrong, it’s just that Microsoft is taking a huge hit with zero profit just so they can kill Sony)

Sony’s price is very fair IMO, if not low. I am very dissapointed at the people who write all this crap online against Sony’s PS3 prices. And the cheaper 20GB version of the PS3 is a good idea too, considering the fact that most people in Europe don’t need HDMI as they are poorer and they don’t have HDTVs (therefore, for these markets the cut-down version of PS3 makes absolute sense — my friends in Greece would never buy the 60GB version for example, not only they don’t have the money for it, but they don’t have the need for all these features).

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Tom Dison wrote on May 12th, 2006 at 2:08 AM PST:

I absolutlely agree. I can’t wait to get one these. It isn’t a toy, but one very powerful computer/multimedia machine. I wonder what distro I will be running!

Adam wrote on May 13th, 2006 at 3:42 AM PST:

Bah. I’m sorry, Eugenia, but I think you’re missing the point. The Mac mini aims to be a PC, and it’s fair to expect to pay 600-700 dollars for a full PC. The PS3 is a video game system for 98% of the people who buy it, and an adequate video game system can be purchased for about 200 bucks. I think anyone who pays 700 dollars for a PS3 is insane.

Personally, I get what the insides are and that it’s really cutting edge and all of that, but I don’t really care. I paid $2000 for a Macbook that many might call insane, but it’s WORTH IT to me. And I think lots of people will say to themselves, “I want a PS3, but it’s not worth $700.”

squiggleslash wrote on May 13th, 2006 at 6:10 AM PST:

I completely disagree.

The PS3 is a games console with a built in Blu-ray drive.
It’s not a computer. The Mac mini is.

The Mac mini does come with a wireless controller. It doesn’t come with a keyboard or mouse, because it’s assumed one is necessary.

The Mac mini doesn’t come with HDMI etc because IT’S A COMPUTER. It’s not supposed to be hooked up to the TV. Despite this, it does come with the necessary connectors to hook it up to a TV anyway. It also comes with the necessary connectors to connect it to the intended device used as a display. The Mac mini does’t come with a BR drive because it’s a COMPUTER. It has a DVD feature because that’s useful. Nonetheless, BR is of dubious usefulness right now. If it takes off, I’m sure the Mac mini will support it. The lack of card readers isn’t great, but it doesn’t matter much, given a universal card reader costs around $20.

The PS3 is unlikely to be a good fit if you want to create and edit movies, music, manage an iPod, etc.

The Mac mini being “the same price” as the PS3 does not mean the PS3 is “cheap”. The Mac mini is expensive compared to the rest of the market. You can get a full blown laptop for $100 less.

The PS3 is less “cutting edge” than the Wii, and no more cutting edge than the XBox 360. The specs of the PS3 and the XBox 360 are so similar you can’t slide a sheet of paper between them. Only the Blu-ray drive seperates them. Meanwhile, the ‘360 is $200 cheaper.

The Wii is a genuinely innovative console that does things never before seen in computing. The PS3 is a traditional games console packaged with a next-generation DVD reader (most of whom will probably never see a single Blu-ray movie disk) and some incremental improvements shared with its three rivals. The games that exist for the PS3 will look identical to those for the ‘360, and slightly better than those for the Wii. The games that exist for the Wii will frequently not exist for the ‘360 or PS3, and be far less playable and enjoyable on that platform.

The PS3 is supposed to be a consumer device. People who take games very, very, seriously and consider themselves “pros” buy better versions of the popular platforms, not products that exist in their own category. As such, there is no standalone non-consumer market. It’s fair to say the PS3 is supposed to be something aimed at consumers.

The XBox 360 is cheaper. $200 cheaper. Pretending that it isn’t because Microsoft subsidized it is like pretending a car isn’t blue because it was painted blue at the factory. XBox 360 = $400. PS3 = $600. XBox 360 cheaper than PS3.

With the PS3 priced at $600, there are going to be two real consoles this time around: the Wii, and the XBox 360. Nobody’s provided a single reason why anyone in their right mind would get a PS3. Hell, if all three consoles were $600, I think the console market would die. I’ve met people who’ll buy things simply because they have the “Sony” brand on them. But that’s about it. If I had to put money on it, I’d assume Sony is using the PS3 as some kind of stop-gap or thing-to-clear-the-way-for the PS4. Nothing about the PS3 makes sense. Its price is ridiculous.

squiggleslash wrote on May 13th, 2006 at 6:12 AM PST:

I need to proof read. “it’s assumed one is necessary” was meant to be “its assumed one is available.” (The Mac mini package presumes most people already have a keyboard. Which they’re semi-right on, problem is 90% of the time it’s a PS/2 keyboard and mouse, but, whatever.)

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on May 13th, 2006 at 7:50 AM PST:

You are missing the point. The PS3 is an adult entertainment system, and NOT a game console for kids (only). Adults usually have the $600 required to get a new toy.

And the fact that the mac mini is a computer and not a game console it is also besides the point. The PS3 uses more expensive hardware. End of story. HOW IN THE WORLD are you EXPECTING the PS3 to be cheaper when its hardware and innovations it carries cost as much as they do???

The PS3 has a 7-cell cpu, and it’s about 8 to 10 times faster than the Xbox360. So, how do you expect it to be sold the same??? Just because in your minds a “consumer device must be cheap”, doesn’t mean that Sony is going to follow this fallacy. Sony is going to sell for $600 their 6 million PS3s they will produce in the first few months. And when these early adopters market doesn’t buy anymore, they will cut $100 off the device. And a few months later, another $100. But it will be stupid for Sony to sell the machine for $400 while they can get away by selling it at $600. It’s business!

Adam wrote on May 14th, 2006 at 3:51 AM PST:

Adults usually have the $600 required to get a new toy.

If that isn’t a narrow point of view, I don’t know what is. People you know may have $600 to throw away on a video game system (”adult entertainment system” is a made-up, non-existant thing we’re backfitting so that people don’t trivialize the PS3 as a glorified Game Boy, which it basically is), but most people do not. Remember, you live in a very interesting part of the US that is NOT representative of the rest of the country. I think most people are thinking “$600?! Forget it!”

Sony may be trailblazing with the hardware, but I truly believe that the VAST majority of people, including much of their target audience, doesn’t care. They just want to play some video games.

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on May 14th, 2006 at 6:09 AM PST:

Look Adam, when you think it as “$600 for a game console”, it surely sounds expensive. But this game console is not on the same league as the Wii or the PSP. It has expensive hardware parts in it, and Sony made the decision to go for cutting edge technology rather than a soft update to the PS2. The Wii is cheap because it is way slower than either PS3 or Xbox360. Hardware-wise, the Wii is a normal game console and it does not push any tech boundaries. The PS3 does. And this comes with a cost. If people can’t pay $600, there are certainly some who can. And after Sony’s initial inventory gets sold out at $600, the price WILL drop. Eventually, you will get the PS3 for $300, maybe even within a year. But at the moment, you can’t expect such a machine to be offered to you for free. And you can’t expect Sony to become a Microsoft and squash the prices down just so they can kill their competition.

In my opinion, for what you get, the price of the PS3 is low. You, on the other hand, you try to put a price on a product seeing it just as a game console. This is like saying “why should I pay $1 million for a Ferrari, when I can get a Ford Focus for $15,000? They both get you from A to B”. But as you can understand, the construction and performance is not the same in both products. So, saying that the PS3 is too expensive, now, that’s a narrow point of view. And if you can’t pay for it now, you will be able to do so in a year. Otherwise, get a Wii. Or, just play PC games. But there’s certainly a market for the PS3 too.

Wanker wrote on June 13th, 2006 at 12:01 PM PST:

Every piece of tech equipment I have ever used was expensive upon release, to someone. We hear more about it now with things like PS3 or next generation graphics in part due to sheer volume of sales. Comparin the MiniMac to a PS2 or PS3 device is first off silly for obvious reasons. Sony, Nintendo, MS are doing hundreds of millions of units, production scales with projection sales will dictate when and where price points are meeting profit curves. So will value. The value for most is there in part of something new. This brings me to my real point, that not much new is available. Deeper graphics, ok. Better sound, sure thing. But when push comes down to entertainment value, I get more out of gaming with a Apple ][gs emulator on BeOS or MacOS running something like SammyLightfoot than I do with the latest ‘improved’ version of Doom or Quake. The same will be said in 20 years by the now young minded set demanding these features that cost so much. I’m already working on the PS3 hardware emulator’s hardware layer. :)

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