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People are stupid

Update: My JBQ commented on this too.

Most people ARE stupid. Some of them deserve to die out of stupidity (I wish stupidity was a fatal disease). If that was the case, then Darwinism would be so great as all new babies would be born out of intelligent parents… :P

I write all this depressing stuff as a reaction to this. Some idiots think that $600 for a full-featured Playstation 3 is too expensive. Is it really?

Honestly, I think that it’s a bargain. You don’t have to go far to find an equivelant PC machine and compare it: the Mac Mini. The Mini’s CPU is slower than the Cell processors, it has a less powerful graphics card, it has no card readers, it has no wireless controllers (see: keyboard in this case), it has no HDMI and a gazillion of I/O, and it doesn’t have a (very expensive for now) Blu-ray drive (it has a combo drive). Only in the hard drive and memory size department the two machines are equal. Everywhere else, the PS3 is blowing the Mac Mini out of the water.

And all this not even considering the HUGE R&D costs Sony (and Microsoft and Nintendo) had to go through to create these machines and CPUs from scratch and in the case of MS and Sony to bring backwards compatibility support (which is very difficult to achieve)! All Apple had to do is create a prettier PC clone and offer an x86 OSX version that still won’t run many PPC apps (and some they run slowly via Rosetta — MS/Sony’s backwards compatibility emulation is at exactly 100% the original speed as it’s imperative the games don’t run faster or slower)!

Despite all that, people are still crying like babies that the PS3 is “expensive” because they think:
1. It’s a consumer device therefore it should be cheap (well, wrong, this is a cutting edge device, it’s not a PSP or a Wii)
2. The XBox360 is cheaper (wrong, it’s just that Microsoft is taking a huge hit with zero profit just so they can kill Sony)

Sony’s price is very fair IMO, if not low. I am very dissapointed at the people who write all this crap online against Sony’s PS3 prices. And the cheaper 20GB version of the PS3 is a good idea too, considering the fact that most people in Europe don’t need HDMI as they are poorer and they don’t have HDTVs (therefore, for these markets the cut-down version of PS3 makes absolute sense — my friends in Greece would never buy the 60GB version for example, not only they don’t have the money for it, but they don’t have the need for all these features).

ICANN rejects .xxx domain

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the group that sets domain name regulation, has voted down a proposal to create a domain for adult Web sites.”

Terrible decision. If at least all these porn sites had their own suffix, it would have been much easier to block them.

American Idol shocker

Right now, I am not sure I believe in democracy. It seems to me that most voters are either stupid or the “voting” is rigged. That’s all I can say about Chris Daughtry’s boot off the “American Idol” competition. Let me be clear: I don’t really watch American Idol (yuk). It’s just that sometimes, while waiting for the “House M.D.” show to start up at 9 PM, we get a glimpse of a few minutes from the American Idol show. But this week we did get a better glimpse of the 4 remaining contenstants and this guy was one notch up from the other three. His songs were not dead boring, he really-really brought up a good show. Both myself and JBQ agreed. And judging from this CNN article, so most (clueful) people. So, why was this guy booted off the show? How on earth is it possible to receive the fewest votes when he was clearly the best showman/singer?